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Welcome to Movies at the Articles, dear visitor.

Welcome, thanks for dropping by. Before I begin, a photograph of myself should tell you a few things about me. (Yeah, not much pictures on the site, my apologies.)

That's me. My name is Tan Wei Jay. Welcome to the site, thanks for taking your time to read an introduction of the site. To sum it up would be a better idea, for not everyone would want to read long-long writings. I admit, sometimes even I would be put off reading something if it was too long (Sorry.). In the meantime, note the contents written in point form. They are summarized and shortened versions of the information that is written in this page. If you are interested, you can continue reading. If you are not, then simply just read the words marked with the point dots.

Update: Information May be Out of Date. History, to be displayed only. (19th of November, 2016) Beyond the line.....

  • Posts marked with Review: A detailed review and analysis of the movie. May Contain Spoilers. Warnings shall be given. (Though I myself do not mind spoilers or detailed explanations of the plot of a film myself, for it is those things that I want to analyze and magnify the themes and messages within.)

  • Posts marked with Review and Summary: A moderate length essay or summary that summarizes the film. Best for a quick read or intro into the respective film itself.

Now, onto the rating system.

  • Original Score: My original rating of the title. Basically it is how the movie is and what it shows. Ratings are varied greatly, and they are based on each viewer's opinion.

  • Movie or Series Score:The rating of the work of the film. We must learn to appreciate the work put into the film. You can't just criticize a film because you don't like it. Some of it takes a lot of work to create.

  • Quality Rating:The overall quality rating of the title, be it feature films, short films or television shows. Usually, the best quality ratings goes to the films that are not explicit, sinful or dangerous.

(Refer to the photo above.)Yeah, that's me. I'm 18 years old (In March 2016), and I have just started to become a media reviewer and analyst as they have left an enormous influence upon me. Come to think of it, I want to be positively influenced by movies or media. Because, as the great film critic Roger Ebert once said: "Most of us do not look consciously at movies." I want to be influenced to be good by movies. Evade cynicism and resist the bad in movies, and focus upon looking on what is good within them. Anyway, welcome to the site. Meanwhile, while you're here, let me explain a few things about the site.

First of all, I know that not a lot of people take the time to read reviews. But nontheless, I felt that it is important to write and tell others about great movies, at the same time also tell others about movies that they should avoid. Those that we should tell others are those that possess great value and are not explicit, sinful, irrelevant and dangerous. Such films possess the highest quality. With the influence of movie reviews, Great Movies can reach an even wider audience. To all movie enthutiasts out there. Take your time to write articles about movies, every small drop counts. Quote:" Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.", author: Ryunosuke Satoro.

Now about movie reviews, they have to be detailed. Telling others why you liked or disliked the title is one thing, but why you should review it is not entirely (or necessarily) for that reason. Why we review films, as I have mentioned above, is to promote (or spread the word) Great Movies that can hold high quality to others. Try to think from other people's perspectives, but never from cynical angles. That's right, when we watch movies, we must empty our think tank of any Cynical thoughts. Because they are the ones that spawn the criticism element and give us guilty pleasures. Stay relevant at all times, that's what I do. I write, not only to express my own opinions, but to also show others the great power and potential of certain great movies.

Not everyone likes to read a long, detailed writing, am I right? I know that because even I am sometimes put off reading long things. I sometimes force myself to read, and it brings me some mental anguish. Nonetheless, enough talk about that. Anyway, I have organized my reviews into two main catagories. One is REVIEW, the other is REVIEW AND SUMMARY. For those who want to read quick introductions to movies, read the posts titled REVIEW AND SUMMARY. For those who want to read a detailed discussion of the movie, read the posts titled REVIEW.