Saturday, 4 March 2017

Movie Outing #1

No! Of course the #1 is not mine! Look at me, you think that this is my first time going to the movies? Oh, of course not.

This is the second time I have appointed a movie outing with my good friend from secondary school. However, this is the first time that it worked. Because the first time the setting was set in motion, it didn't go well because I went alone and he was late.

Well, let us be and put the past behind us. Cuz this time, it was a big success. And I have the photographs to prove it.

I'll give you two.
No, just one will do.

O.K., here goes....

When there is a first time, there may be a next time. So next time, let's make it an even better one.

A day at University. After classes are over (only just mine and a little mixup on the meeting location), we traveled towards Klang's Bukit Tinggi Shopping Center. On the way, we discussed about school, business matters (on his side only) and time for next meeting.

The decision of watching which movie was left entirely up to me to decide. So, arriving at the cinema by 3 P.M., when given the choice to watch either Logan (2017) which I haven't yet seen, or Hidden Figures (2016) which I have seen, yet missed about 18 script pages due to being slightly late, I chose Hidden Figures due to it being my highest recommendation among the two. And, boy, it wasn't a bad decision, even though having to see the same film twice it was still one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences that I have ever encountered in cinema.

Pre-Screening Speech
B: The decision is up to you.
Me: Hidden Figures, because that's my highest recommendation.

Post-Screening Speech
B: Very Good.
Me: (In thoughts) Told you.

While I can't wait for the DVD product of Hidden Figures to be released, I'll wait until it arrives in my country's local stores. Then I can bring home Hidden Figures which I consider to be a hidden treasure to all.

In the evening, after the screening, after walking all the way to where my automobile is parked, we parted ways, and promised to meet again at an event like this.

All I can say is, I'm as happy as a lark by the time this day ended.