Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trolls (2016) Movie Review and Summary

Certificate (USA):PG(Nothing Objectional.)
Running Time:92 Minutes.
Director:Mike Mitchel, Walt Dohrn.
Writer:Thomas Dam(Based on "The Good Luck Trolls" created by), Jonathan Abiel (Screenplay), Glen Berger(Screenplay), Erica Rivinoja (Story by).
Producer:Gina Shay.
Starring:Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Russel Brand.

Unusual and colorful, meaningful and lovable (Particially not for some), a pleasant and happy surprise.

For once, it wouldn't require a rating for me to explain this film. This one, won't be rated. And for future reference, all ratings determine the review's viewpoint of the film and not the film's quality itself. Got it?

Here, it won't be about the review's viewpoint, instead it would be about a story instead. I'm going to tell you, a story. But not from flip-ups from a scrapbook created by someone who has scrapbooking skills, like Princess Poppy herself. (That wasn't an opps, that was intended. Spoilers? Who cares? This user right here doesn't.

It was just like any other day, a day which not surprisingly this user, myself, picked to use as a day that he'd decided to try out the life of a casual moviegoer. Which, in point of fact, about 99.99999....% of us are. It makes me glad, however, because if that digit is artributed to the percentage of users who are NOT casual moviegoers, but rather movie critics, then the language world of movies would be a complete pandamonium. It can be described as: "Criticism v.s. Praise is a war of vocabulary.". But anyway, let's continue.
"I, Monsieur Tan Wei Jay, in relatively sound mind and body, on this day, the 8th of November, in the year of our lord 2016, proclaim momentarily to be stripped not of any goodness or such like, but of cynicism and as much negativity as possible to become a casual moviegoer."

And did I? Yes, I did.

Being ready, I left my home, in mind the plan to watch a planned film and one unplanned one. That one would be in the cinemas. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't book on the line, on the internet or on the phone(I don't have a mobile one.). With nothign but my wallet, my bag and my supplies in my posession(Plus room and board for clothes and glasses and watch.), I set out to watch the unexpected first. While stopping by to return the disk to the school library. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been able to view the second movie because I'm already at my borrowing limit.

Stepping off to the Sunway Mall after dropping off the disk "Rango" at the Universuty of Sunway's Library (That means that I have already finished the film, which, of course, I will elucidate in due course.), I took a look around, took some snacks, then checked the showtimes. Seeing the differences of choice, I wasn't interested in some. But between Trolls and Dr.Strange, I choose... Trolls?

Well, what a pleasant surprise. I'm not saying that I hate Marvel, I'm just not a fan of it. I don't read much comic books, you know. And at times my mind prevents me from reading or processing words as well as others does (Just as much as my potentially injured thumb is preventing me from typing as well as I could. Everytime I try to press space, you know there is a little pain in the left thumb? I'd rather use my right instead but I'm not used to it.). Yet today I'm as clear as a normal human being after my experiences with two different movies, that is including the one that came second which I witnessed before incompletely in the school library's media room, and which I finished today.

And so it begins, the film's talks, which is inevitable of course in a film review, right?

This is a film about being happy and how does one find happiness. That's what this is all about. And seeing the films of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and "The BFG", both of which appeared in the years of 2012 and 2016 respectively, I have seen that Trolls have been portrayed as rather negative creatures, without any compassion ("No Troll left behind!") or happiness presented in large quantities much at all. It's just villians and negativity. Nothing more. Yet how are these creatures in this film? Well, they're the happiness creatures the world has ever known! At least that's how the film describes them as anyway. And all they do is sing, dance and hug. The very things that everyone does to be happy, isn't that right?

The film opens with a "Dreamworks' Shrek" Opening; A Book that tells a story. Well, doesn't anyone like a good story? If it's meant to be, it will be. And if it is well told, it'll be better be.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake lead a voice cast by voicing the main characters, which are Princess Poppy, the Troll Princess, and Branch, the grumpy gray troll. Another interesting fact in this film is that the Trolls, are actually small. Compared to how they are shown as big, oversized brutes in other stories and the aforementioned films that I have already seen. But what gives the film it's blast is, of course, it's energetic blast of unexpectedness, it's inventive colors, and it's unusual world. You'll see what I mean if you go in for this.

While the film lacks in geography, as in Zootopia (2016) has done it rather well with it's fabulously realized world, or Inside Out (2015), which isn't really that interesting to me, it has a rather unusual world combined with odd unnamed creatures and locations. That's what I thought when I was watching it. There's plenty of story, little timeline (A), but 1 to almost no geography. Just a few locations would do it, and some unusual characters and colorful animation. Plus hairdo power that reminds me of Wedgie Woman that Captain Underpants fought. Though I'm just glad that that's not Underpants Bandits from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Yeah, anyway, the themes are obviously clear. And our lead characters are impossible not to love to me. In point of fact, the film also connects it's plot points and characters quite well. While also presenting us with a blast of colorful confetti animation to keep us occupied and moving along. Rather odd, isn't it? I suppose it would be a pleasant surprise to the unsuspecting audience, I was and I was again. The casual moviegoer wouldn't be, though. But it makes me happy, too.

Dance, Music, Songs. This is also the first time that I saw a dreamworks film that presents musical numbers in it's animation films similar to how Disney does it in Bambi (1942), Beauty and the Beast (1991), The Little Mermaid (1989) and The Lion King (1994). Facinating.

It is, indeed, in a nutshell, true to it's word. It'll make you happy, and I'd call it a little study and character study on happiness. It's got a happy ending, and I thought that happy endings only exist in fairy tales~! This is sort of like a fairy tale for adults, throughly surprising! Not bad at all. Godspeed, buddy, happiness problem solved!

I left the cinema feeling rather happy, and I think that I'd be ready to see it again soon. You never know, any film can be a great film and any film cannot be a great film. But it would be always better to be the casual moviegoer, and an unexpected surprise will whip right out from your hair. Be the critic and a nasty surprise would come instead. Don't worry, be happy!