Thursday, 10 November 2016

The End of The Exams and The Beginning of the Writing Plan Begins.

A promise made before the exams, and perhaps a promise may or may not be kept. There are stories, many of them, out there. And, perhaps you'll deduce, the authors may or may not respond, or care, about the responses to their stories. Because if there's one thing we've learned from story writers is that when you find yourslef in a place like this, you must never expect a full reply at all times at any time from the story writers all the time. You've got to know that they do what they do, you've got to hold it back if they don't respond to every single message. You should know, as in: "What's one more review/response when there are millions of billions of them out there?"

I know, because I don't know how many times I've tried before and, as one would expect, not all of those transmissions recieved a reply. Much like how a humanoid lifeform transmit messages into outer-space, hoping for even the slightest binary response from other beings, and yet recieveing little to no reply.

Well, that leaves plenty of improvement for the storywriters, yet not the stories themselves. Because, if there's one obvious thing (and there are multitudonous of them), is that good storytelling leaves little room for improvement.

I aim to make improvements, myself, or to stories that I want to write. Before meeting some films or games, I was never interested in writing. But apparently, I am now. But should I discover anything beyond a single lasp in my writings, I promise, swift and merciless self justice will decend upon myself. Yet comments are valuable as they strike ideas and room for improvement.

Something that hasn't yet begun, yet hopefully will initiate or else it won't begin. To initiate, it'll have to be planned, bit and detail labled alongside of a hawk with a horsewhip in it's talons watching the author himself. Then, a promise isn't kept, it's being kept, and will only be officially kept if the author himself has finished at least a part of it, or the whole parts of it.

That promise, is to write Stories.