Sunday, 16 October 2016

Shaun The Sheep Movie (2015) Movie Review and Summary

Certificate (USA):PG (Nothing Objectional)
Running Time (Minutes Seen):85 Minutes.
Director:Mark Burton, Richard Starzak.
Writer: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak.
Producer: Julie Lockhart, Paul Kewley.

"Baa... Baa...Brilliant...Film, have you ever failed to impress? Nope, never did, never will."

★★★★, [10/10] | 16/10/2016, Tan Wei Jay.


I was a bloody idiot if/when I put all of my fanship or trust into animation (I never did do so about anime because I labeled myself as a non and anti otaku before it could seduce me.). I don't know if I ever did, but I won't. And at them same time, I won't stereotype animation at all. It's far too common, much like the existence of racism in our present and modern society. Yet, always and invariably, there is still bound to be stereotyping in the animation world (All thanks to Anime of course. However, that bloody dangerous genre could destroy an individual, for all I know.). On the other hand, I do appreciate stop motion animation, ranging from Wallace and Gromit, to Chicken Run (Neither of which I have seen) to Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). Yes, that I did see. And while The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) will always remain something of a pure piece of treasure to me, I appreciated Fantastic Mr Fox even though I never did READ fantastic Mr. Fox. Stop Motion, unlike traditional or modern animation, I feel is more approachable to. And by the reaction of some of my fine young friends (younger than me, a lot), I can see it.

But hey, to top it off, I never did watch much of stop motion involving a character. who is a male sheep named SHAUN. SHAUN THE SHEEP, I did see some footage of him, in some situations, although I don't remember what they're about, The very thing that I did remember, is that I did see him before. On the other hand, how I did get to see Shaun The Sheep Movie (2015) was also in the same scenario: "In a wholly unexpected way.".

It happened on a trip to a country resort where I have been before. Automatically meaning that this isnt my first visit to the resort. It was only a one day stay, arriving in the morning and leaving tomorrow morning. But in the afternoon of the day of the arrival, it happened. On the television, it caught my attention, and kept it's firm grip on me until the credits began to roll out. And despite the fact that I missed some of the opening, it still gave me enough of an idea of what the whole thing was all about: "A Lesson". Isn't a lesson or two in a film something of a great addition to it? It's themes, my friend.

Shaun the Sheep Movie Stars Shaun, Bitzer & the rest of the flock of sheep (Including Timmy) and the Farmer. Although due to the fact that the film is completely dialogless you will most likely not catch most of their names. Look it up if you like. I won't go much into the plot as it would involve spoilers, something of which I frankly don't really care much about as enjoyment isn't much of my concern when it comes to watching films.

Going through the film is a flume ride through the tracks of creativity. Since there is no dialogue you could simply just pay full attention to the animation and visual storytelling. Which, strikes one as, both, baa-rillant, and, really something of a genius. If you're looking for a sense of enjoyment, you'll find plenty in this as there are endless and nonstop humor to keep your funny bone and entertainment bone tickled throughout without a single break. That, of course, depends if you want to stop halfway through. Then you can relief yourself from the stress (or enjoyment) caused by all of that tickling by the feather which is the movie itself.

I know it sounds cliche and childish; most of us would prefer some goddamn, selfish anime compared to this crown jewel of an animation and a stop motion movie. But it is geniunely perfect (Seeing how well the plot, visuals, characters and incidents and events and tricks connect with each other.) and perhaps can be like nothing you've seen be-fur. Go for it, you won't be disappointed. Give this jewel a go and you will understand how it differs from bloody anime, or Familiar Disney.

Call me an Aardman fan now.