Sunday, 11 September 2016

Despicable Me 2 (2013) Movie Review and Summary

Certificate (USA):PG (Nothing objectional.)
Running Time (Minutes Seen):98 Minutes (NOT SURE).
Director:Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud.
Writer:Cinco Paul (Written by), Ken Daurio (Written by).
Producer:Christopher Meledandri, Janet Healy.
Starring:Steve Carell AS (GRU), Kristen Wiig AS (LUCY), Bejamin Bratt AS (EDUARO), Miranda Cosgrove AS (MARGO), Steve Coogan AS (SILAS), Elsie Fisher AS (AGNES), Dana Gaier AS (EDITH).

★★★, [8/10] | 11/9/2016, Tan Wei Jay.
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What I had already learnt from my recent experiences with films, is that we should never allow a rating of a film to divert us away from watching it. Well, this one is no exception. And anyway, is it true that all of us only want to watch great movies and avoid the "lower rated ones"? Not so much because everyone's views and experiences with a film differs. And anyway, the key point is this. If you don't know how to comment, don't say a word and keep your mouth shut. (A symptom that follows if not done so is controversy, and displeasure, caused by negativity without reason.)

I know the original Despicable Me (2010). (But I never did see it, in legal footage, that is. So we won't discuss that.) Wait, is that from 2010? Checking up on that... yes. IMDb information, where I can reference the movie cast and crew credits without looking back at the footage of the film, which I don't own. But it has, indeed, been years since the last time I saw the film, that is, until recently. Recently, as in 10th of September 2016. Where as in my school's library of Sunway University/Sunway College Malaysia's Media Room in its university building is where I saw a film I last saw in theaters during the time of its release. Whereas the same year Disney's Frozen (2013) came out. (Pause)

Was there criticism on either titles? I think so. Given the standards that people would assume that Disney had set with their Renaissance pieces such as The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), The Lion King (1994), to name a few, all of which I have already watched. And I suppose, I have just sequenced them in order of their appeal to me. The third one, is an exception to me. For enjoyment was never my concern in either live action nor animation films. So, that one, I presume, is also the most overrated of the bunch. (Seriously, why do some people like tragedy so much?!) A direct copying of Bambi (1942) would be a description of The Lion King (1994), The Original Circle of Life story which I adored with all my heart due to my love of animals and practice of vegetarian diets. So, the scores I have given those three of them respectively, would be: [10/10], [8/10], and [7/10], respectively. When you watch a film, it stays in your memory. Whatever you like it or not, is entirely up to you. Rewatching them, on the other hand, is a whole different topic and realm. For we cannot spend the rest of our lives living in the realm of movies, or even a movie, so I'll say. (Unpause.)

O.K and Okay, I'll pretend I never did see the original and I know what the original is all about. This second film, with a spy thriller film styled tone to it, is about Gru, a changed Supervillian due to his three adopted daughters, is once agian called in to crack and solve a crime. This time, he isn't the villian. He's the hero. He was once a villian, now a changed man and a foster father to his three adopted daughters: Margo, Edith and Agnes. They are the ones who changed him, right? Right. And he was once superbad, now a superdad. I told you, I know what the first film is all about, just pretending that I didn't see it because of the whole "Video Piracy" thing? Sure, but the internet provides the information I need anyway. What follows is going to describe the film's parts in parts. And I don't care how many spoilers there is. Because if there's one thing we learned from movies, is that when it comes to pleasures. Well, lets say that is one of my lowest priorities. BUT, warning given. And if the reply is "Warning Understood, go ahead.", then go ahead.
An Anti Villian Organization, titled "The Anti Villian League". (Or, in acronyms, The A.V.L.) Discovers that in recent days, an entire top secret research facility disapppeared from the Artic Circle. Three weeks, and they are still no closer at cracking the case. Right, bring him in. Him, as in Gru. So there you have it. When the world needed a hero, they called a villian. Which just happens to be the tagline of the film as well. The agent, who was assigned to bring Gru in, is a female agent of the league. She is Lucy Wilde (Voiced by Kristen Wiig). For a moment, when I saw Lucy for the first time, I thought: "For a moment it seemed that there is someone even more despicable than The Despicable Gru himself". But eventually, I came to recognize, the methods that the AVL used to get GRU to their headquarters, and ask for his help in cracking the case, was actually quite Despicable. But given the facts of Gru's past, it is, of course, reasonable.

The core of the film, is, of course, love and relationships. Gru has three adopted daughters, who were orphaned children. They do not yet have a mother to take care of them. When the film started off, and progressed with it's plot points clearly shown, it is quite obvious what is going to happen. But, who am I? I don't care how predictable a film is, given my hate of horror pictures, if you see what I mean here. But back to the topic, no? Yes, indeed I think that everything works out quite well here. There's a superb narrative at work here, alongside of a good heart, a moderate however predictable plot, and lovable characters. I know, the Minion characters are very popular. But I suppose that popular culture was not my concern. I am, indeed, ignorant in that aspect. Ask me about Beatles, ask me about Game of Thrones, and I can't answer a word not blurt a sentence. And I'm not even sure if I'm interested in the latter. But given its "Adultness", it kept me away from it. Not this one, however.

Don't stop now, I think I adore this as much as the first time I saw it in Theaters in my second viewing of the film on DVD borrowed from my school library's media collection. (I also saw Frozen In Theaters, although I can't remember the last time I saw it.)To Illumination Entertainment, a little more, please! Make it relevant, make it family friendly, and make it kid friendly. I await the third part of the series, and I hope people will stop being hypocritical about the standards that animation studios set with their own delusions of pleasures, that caused all of that stereotyping in film. Animation films, if you must. Anyway, stereotyping animation titles is an extremely common symptom in the film world. No thanks to many of the selfish anime, or so I'll say. But, yes. I never did like anime all that much.

Two final notes: One: "Never Stereotype Animation, unless, of course, they commit the sins of the Despicableness of Hentai Anime." Also, two: I'm looking forward to the upcoming feature animation film from Illumination Entertainment: Sing (2016). This title, however, is still a very good film. And I'm glad it got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animation Feature. Remember who am I, and what I have to say about the Stereotypes in Animation, similar to the Stereotypes in the world of film, or racial discrimination in the real world which is reality. Which relates to some of the lessons that Zootopia (2016) has taught me.